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Why is Tea Tree Oil Supposed to be Good for Acne?

There is a relatively small amount of research and proof that tea tree oil may help acne lesions clear up when it is applied in a specific dosage or diluted solution directly to the acne lesion topically.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is an oily substance that is found in the cellular structure of the Tea Tree, which is found in parts of Australia as a native plant. While it may seem counterintuitive that an OIL can help clear up acne lesions, some say it does help in clearing up your breakouts, although it is important to note that are also still others that have seen zero benefits from the application of solutions containing tee tree oil, whether they be creams, gels, serums or oils.

Tea tree oil is said to possess astringent qualities, which means the biochemical structure of the oil is antiseptic, or cleaning and antibacterial in nature. Some people do report that it helps clear up acne quicker, while as mentioned before some people do not notice any benefit at all. It probably depends on the responsiveness of your skin and your skin type, although tea tree oil is supposed to be safe for all skin types.


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