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Other Reported Uses for Tea Tree Oil Besides Acne:

There are other uses for the organic compounds found naturally in tea tree oil. While these are mostly not medically proven, there are people who report success in using this natural antiseptic for several other health issues, mostly fungal or bacterial in nature, so it does make sense that this particular natural product may work well for related types of infections of issues.

  • a natural antiseptic for other wounds, cuts etc.
  • breath freshener (kills bacteria that cause bad breath it would be assumed)
  • sore muscle salve – not sure why this would work for sore muscles, but duly noted
  • kills nail fungus – makes sense
  • may help kill other fungal infections – makes sense
  • vaginal infections – makes sense
  • gum health – makes sense since it would help kill bacteria, which usually is a leading cause of poor gum health
  • athlete’s foot – makes sense – athletes foot is fungal in nature
  • herpes infections – this one stands to reason too

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