A New Acne Treatment on the Horizon?

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There may be some buzz about a potential new acne treatment (well fairly new, at least to the majority of the public) which uses the pulses of lasers and cold lasers combined to treat current acne as well as to help lessen and eliminate acne scarring.

It works by helping to stimulate beneath the skin’s surface by toning up the skin and making it less prone to breaking out. It also does something with the sebum produced and the oil glands just below the skin’s surface, but I do not fully understand that part yet.

I do know that there will soon be a treatment available that combines the use of cold lasers and regular, red-light lasers for the treatment of acne, and since cold lasers have proven somewhat successful, this treatment may prove to be even a little better.

There’s not too much written about it yet since it is fairly new, and as with all new acne treatments, it is not readily available in all dermatologist’s offices, nor is it financially affordable enough yet. As with everything else, I am hoping they come up with a similar home version of this treatment, so people can just order it online and do it safely and comfortably in the comfort of their own home, and for hopefully a fraction of the cost.

It may be a while, but this usually happens with the most sophisticated acne and acne scarring methods used in spas and dermatologists’ offices – look at dermabrasion and microdermabrasion.

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