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Herpes is a growing problem in the world. That is because there are no herpes cures. Once you have herpes, it stays with you for the rest of your life. It normally shows up in one of two painful places. Some come up on your mouth, and others come about in the genital area. Of course, some people have gotten herpes on their anus, eyes, and fingers. You may also want to note that there are fatal forms of herpes. These are the kinds that have to do with the nervous system. When they come up, you will be able to spot them right away. This is because they come up in the form of blisters that are pretty easy to spot. Today we are going to talk a little bit more about herpes symptoms so you know what to watch out for.


When it comes to finding out who gets herpes, you have to note that anyone can. This is not a disease that just affects a small number of people. Anyone that comes into contact with herpes has a chance of getting it. The best way to be able to avoid genital herpes is to practice safe sex. Otherwise, you need to know what kind of herpes symptoms to look for. If you notice any herpes symptoms, then you need to go talk to your doctor right away.


When herpes comes up, they normally come up in the form of painful blisters. Some other things that can happen when you get herpes would be fever and swollen lymph nodes. Others even get sore throats and headaches. All of this is, of course, going to depend on the type of herpes you get. Some forms will be painful and others will cause seizures. There have even been cases where herpes has caused changes in behavior. If you start to break out with red bumps and you are having these symptoms, you should go talk to your doctor right away. Only he can tell you if you have herpes or not. Herpes comes in many strains, one of which is the herpes zoster virus which is otherwise known as chickenpox, and the herpes simplex 1 virus, commonly known as a cold sore.


A doctor will be able to diagnose herpes pretty easily. Most of them can do it with just a physical examination. Others are going to want to take some sampling of the sores that are present to be able to send them to a lab for studies. The reason why they would do this is that it is very important to make sure that you distinguish your herpes from other sexually transmitted diseases that are out there. From there, the doctor may want to do some blood tests as well. Normally your blood work will tell you right away if you have herpes or not. However, whatever your doctor chooses to do, you can bet that it is very important to your wellbeing.


The bad thing about herpes is that there are no herpes cures out there, meaning that once you get it, you have it for life. Unlike other sexually transmitted diseases, you can still have sex when you have herpes. However, you have to use safer practices than what you would normally have done. For example, you will want to have sex in between the breakouts that you have of herpes. On top of that, you will want to take medication every day that will, not only prolong how far between each breakout is but will also help reduce the risk of passing it on to your partner. Even when using these practices, you should note that it is very possible to pass them on. Talk to your doctor about other things that you should try.

Home Remedies

Herpes symptoms cannot be cured by any kind of home remedies. However, there are some genital herpes remedies that you can use to make the pain and outbreaks that you do have less pain. For example, taking a warm bath could help to make outbreaks less painful. If you have sunscreen, you should put some around your mouth. This could help to prevent oral outbreaks. Last, but not least, remember that knowledge is power. Thus, it is a good idea to read up on herpes and learn all that you can. Also, look online to see how other people deal with living with herpes.


Overall, herpes is not something that is fun to live with. However, it can be done! This is a good thing because herpes cannot be cured. If you can talk to your doctor about getting some medication that will limit your breakouts and you can use some home remedies for herpes, then you have a good chance of not letting herpes run your life. Just because you have herpes does not mean that you cannot do everything else that a normal person would do. Do not let herpes control you, make sure that you control your herpes.

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